Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Day: Reception Top 10

One of my closest friends and bridesmaids, Sara, titled our wedding album on her Facebook Page, “A Southern Kind of PARTY.” I don’t think she could have better described it. A PARTY was exactly what it was! FUN is my favorite adjective to live by. Seriously, if you’re not having fun in life, then what the heck are you doing?! I believe my groom feels the same way about things, as we always have the absolute best time together. With that being said, when Tres and I got engaged and began discussing wedding plans, we had one priority in mind: for our family and friends to have A BLAST at our wedding. I have to say… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

As I walked around talking to everyone and looked around the ballroom for three hours, I never saw one person without a smile or laugh on their face, and most were up moving around, socializing, eating, or dancing. It probably doesn’t hurt that our wedding venue was second to none. When we booked Southern Oaks and they told us how great they were, I believed it, but I also didn’t believe they would give us and our guests “Million Dollar Wedding” treatment. No joke… Let me explain by separating what could be one long reception post into several different posts. Continue reading for my reception Top 10 List!


  1. GORGEOUS photo's! So dreamy & romantic!


  2. Wow! so stunning! love the southern twist as i am from the south ;)

  3. so beautiful!! I love all of your photos