Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reception Top 10: #6 The Phi Mu Song

#6 - The Phi Mu Song (and Chant)

I have to throw this in there because I adore my Phi Mu girls. At all Phi Mu weddings, it’s a tradition to sing “Picture a Girl,” holding hands in a circle with the bride in the middle. Lord knows in my college years none of the girls in my wedding actually ever thought they’d be in MY WEDDING, but I guess the day has to eventually come for everyone (even those who will against it… haha. Thank goodness I found Tres to change my mind).

Like I said, it’s a tradition to sing “Picture a Girl,” but it’s not necessarily a tradition to do the Phi Mu chat after. Well, we did it. We did it and loved it! For about five minutes I felt like I was back in college. Those girls holding hands around me on wedding day are what you don’t go to college to find, but what you come home with. They are the girls who have taught me what true friendship is really all about. They are the girls I will call or text 50 years from now when I hear or see something funny. They are my best friends and the loves of my life. They are “the girls!”


  1. Love this!!! Nothing like your Sorority sisters surrounding you on the happiest day of your life!!! Love it!

  2. These pictures are so neat!

  3. Love these pics! So fun! Would be great to frame! :)

  4. Amazing pictures. We do a similar thing for Chi O. Sorority is so important and forever!

  5. Aw I had something really similar to this! I am not sure what the Picture a girl song is, but we did the "Holy father great and true" song...(wow I have only been out of Phi Mu a semester and I am having a hard time remembering the words :/ ) and we did the ahh 5432 give a chear for Phi Mu was great! Your wedding was beautiful!


  6. 4 year of Phi Mu! That's the one thing I love about weddings with sorority sisters! We also did our candle lighting song!

  7. Hi,
    I saw that you posted on Moore To Love's blog that you were a Phi Mu. I absolutely LOVE this post!

    I'm also a Phi Mu- from the Epsilon Mu chapter.

    Your wedding looks beautiful! Congrats!