Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southern Weddings Blog Chose Us!!!!

Time has been a-flyin', and we have been busy bees. Nothing out of the ordinary... as far as travel, full weekends, work responsibilities, graduate school (for me), and fun with friends and family. But there have been a few VERY NEW AND EXCITING changes in our life totally worth logging and sharing in this on-going love diary.

As of yesterday, I promised I would write a blog post to catch everyone up, as I have once again been a slacker. I seriously sat down to write it, but then got distracted with work and changed my mind. But the reason for this post is a BIG ONE!!! So I had no choice but to write it today... haha :)

It amazes me how so many of you guys whip posts out like crazy. You guys rock!!!! So thank you all who give me and others something to read daily and/or weekly. I wish I wasn't so ADD and could sit down to do so more than once a month :)
Ok, so this post comes to you quickly because I have started a new job (one of the many new things in our life that have changed and been exciting that I will blog about later), and am swamped!!! I have taken on a position as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, and for the last 2 weeks, I have been studying my little behind off to master the BIG test I have coming up on Friday. I swear, I get done with graduate school for the semester (4.0... whoop whoop, and more studying happens... just can't get away from HARD WORK :). Anyway am terrified of this test and hope the outcome is good or I'm in big trouble :)

Secondly, and what this post is really about (I do that so often... mean to write about one thing and then get started on a whole new subject.... prob wouldn't happen if I would blog more often... :) Anyway, here goes:

WEDDINGS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you can't tell, I am beyond thrilled. And if that isn't exciting enough, we were ALSO chosen to be in the upcoming issue of Southern Bride magazine!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

I am telling you... the hard work definitely paid off for that wedding. And while I am STILL so glad it's over (never would want to be a bride again.... ever), I am so glad we went full-force and did everything we wanted for it!!! A VERY VERY VERY special thanks to THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD... Armosa Studios. You guys ARE the only reason we got chosen!!! Thank yall so much for not only being as talented and wonderful to work with but also becoming new friends! Also a big thanks to Southern Oaks Plantation. Without their beautiful venue and extra special staff, and pure PERFECTION of a venue, the wedding day would not have been as glamorous. Every bride out there should go to New Orleans just for YOUR VENUE!!!

Without further ado... here is our featured wedding in Southern Weddings:

Part I :

Part II: