Monday, January 10, 2011

Reception Top 10: #3 The Food

#3 - The Food

After booking Southern Oaks, I heard from a handful of NOLA locals that they had some of the best food around. The locals weren’t lying! We and our guests were served over 75 entrees, h’orderves and deserts, and every morsel was as tasty as Cajun cuisine could possibly get! From pasta to shrimp to crab cakes to red beans and rice and jambalaya, they had it all! And the best part was the way they served it. I remember wondering how they were going to serve 75 different types of food, but of course, they had it down to an art. They had about 10+ servers walking around with beautiful trays full of “samples” of each food. They went around from person to person, table to table. Most of my friends said after the wedding, “I got SOOO FULL at your wedding, those people just kept coming with more and more food, and it was always something different, so I had to try it!” And to complete the night, they sent me and my groom home with another huge tray full of food (just in case we didn’t get enough at our private dinner). Needless to say, when we got back to our hotel room after the wedding and after wedding festivities, we devoured it! Here are just a few of many:


  1. Okay, these posts are making me fall in love with your venue! I can't imagine another place being any more perfect!

  2. Yes, the food there is AMAZING! I had forgotten just how beautifully presented is was as well.

  3. yummy!!!! looks so wonderful and delicious!