Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reception Top 10: #10 The Goodbye

As you can see, I had a lot of “favorite” moments this night, and another highlight for me was the exit. We didn’t do the traditional exit with guests lined up. We knew our guests were ready to hit the town, so we just let them come up to say their goodbyes, but when we walked out the door, my very best friends, parents, and more family were out there to wish us a proper goodbye. I talked (and even cried… haha, Sara) with each of my girlfriends and hugged my family goodbye. I remember standing on the front-step of the house for quite some time before finally getting in the limo.
I was once in a best friend’s wedding and while standing in the “goodbye line” throwing rice, a fellow bridesmaid said, “I always hate this part of a wedding because you feel like you’re never going to see them again.” It’s so true, and I thought about this as I got in the limo. Lucky enough, I saw all my friends out after the wedding. Tres and I successfully stayed up until 4am on our wedding night. I never thought it was possible, but we partied on!


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  2. I love these pics!! If my photo's come out half as good as yours I will be pleased!!

    On a side note, the disgusting comment that was left by the awful man before me is an idiot!!

    Claire (English girl who loves American blogs!)

  3. Is it ridiculous that I'm sad to see your wedding posts come to an end? Ha! What a perfect wedding!

  4. LOVED your wedding top 10! What a fun and unique way (in addition to the amazing pictures) to capture this amazing night. So happy for you, Andrea! :)