Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reception Top 10: #4 The Drinks

#4 - The Drinks

One of my friends told me the bartender at our wedding was one of the most talented bar tenders she had ever seen (of course, I never saw him or even had to go to the bar because our attendants made sure we had full glasses of whatever we wanted all night). She said that he remembered what her and all our friends were drinking after telling him once. She even went up to order for three people at one point in the night, and like a fountain of wonderfulness, he poured all three different drinks from the same spout! I was so amazed and pleased to hear this (as a matter of fact, it made my day after getting back to work from the honeymoon)! We also had a full open bar with s slew of signature drinks included from hurricanes to daiquiris, to this fabulous mango margarita that I’ve heard about from several of my friends that I never even got to try (probably my only regret all night :)!
(Image credit: Southern Oaks Plantation Facebook Page)

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