Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bermuda... The Honeymoon I Forgot to Mention

In the cab... We made it!!!
Holy goodness gracious!!! All these posts, and I just realized I ever even blogged about our honeymoon in Bermuda. Wowzers… not sure how that one slipped by me! Ok, nearly 6 months later, but here were some of the highlights of the trip: • We had a great dinner every night we were there. I mean, leave it to me to get us well-fed, but we did not miss out on a good meal while there! If you ever go to Bermuda, I suggest Baracuda in Hamilton (best meal we had the entire trip) and King Henry VIII (great atmosphere… very old school, dinner and dancing).
What we woke up to
Other side of patio
• Our first day we walked, and walked, and WALKED! Did I mention we walked?! Ha! The cool thing about Bermuda is, it’s not your typical “tropical Caribbean island.” It’s very British (accents, driving on the wrong side of the road, the whole shebang) and there’s more to do adventure-wise than just laying and having drinks by the pool all day. We found several beaches, including the famous Horseshoe Bay. We stopped and had a few patio drinks along the way. After one drink stop, we found this random, salient forest with vines to swing from. I don’t know if anyone else knows that place is there, but we had lots of fun playing in it. Finally, when I started getting fussy, we finally caught a cab. I bet money we walked 10 miles on this day. So much fun though!

Pink sand... beautiful
Swizzle Time!!!
• That first night we had dinner at the hotel and went back to our room with a bottle of wine, sat on our balcony and listened to tunes, laughing and talking for hours. This is why I married my husband. Just me and him, all by ourselves, have the best time together!

Drinks on the Patio after din

Day 2 was St. George’s… may have been the best little town on the entire island! I felt like we were in London walking the streets, and there was plenty to see, do, and explore. We got off the beaten path and discovered an unfinished church. It was so beautiful and like nothing I have ever seen. After more walking we cracked open a bottle of Santa Margarita from our backpack and did more exploring. I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to walk the streets of Bermuda drinking wine, but we certainly did it… haha!
• Before I go more into day 2, I need to talk about how nice the people are in Bermuda. Look, you will hear people say that about almost every place they visit, but I swear, if they call anywhere aside from Bermuda “the nicest people on the planet,” they have never been to Bermuda!!! This may sound extra-creepy, and it’s nothing we have ever in our lives done before, but we hitch-hiked nearly 5 times on this trip… And no, we never stuck our thumb out. There were plenty of cabs, we were not desperate. People would see us walking, drive up, and offer us rides. It was really weird at first, but everyone was so nice, and by the end of the trip, we had taken so many rides with strangers, we didn’t think twice about it!

Unfinished Church and St. George's

• One more thing on Day 2…. It POURED!!! I mean completely drenched me to where I was “drowned rat” style. We didn’t have an umbrella, so we ran into an ice cream shop, had a bite to eat, and asked the lady working if we could have a garbage bag or something to cover up with. She comes out with an umbrella. SHE GAVE IT TO US!!! Seriously, these are the people of Bermuda. I have been a lot of places – a lot of places with extra-nice people – and I have never experienced anything like this!!! After this experience, we headed to The Caves... a great sightseeer in Bermuda!

Day 3 was golf!!! We played at The Southampton Princess, and I have never seen a course so beautiful. Of all 18 holes, there was a view of the ocean. The best part was, we got there extra-early, and with it being low-season, we pretty much had the entire course to ourselves. It was a golf game to remember and our second favorite day the entire week!


• Day 4 we hung out at the Dockyard, another area of Bermuda. We started the day off with a tennis game, had lunch, did some exploring, layed on the beach, then ended the day with another bottle of Santa Margarita and King Henry VIII.

Day 5… BEST DAY OF THE ENTIRE VACATION!!!!! It was our last day, so we rented a boat and took it out on the open ocean. It was so relaxing just having me and Tres together on our sweet little boat. We stopped at a tiny island for a picnic – one of the most fun things we have ever done together. After lunch, we went shipwreck sightseeing. Bermuda is known for their shipwrecks because of all of coral close to land. It was really cool to see, as one we saw sank in the 1800’s!

• It was sad to say goodbye, as I’m sure every honeymoon is. We enjoyed every aspect of Bermuda. The food was great, the people were amazing, and the activities were entertaining! Also, nothing beat our awesome hotel, Cambridge Beaches. It was secluded, quiet, and our suite had the most amazing view! I highly recommend it!
Beautiful room!
• Last things to point out about Bermuda… THE PINK SAND!!! It’s beautiful and you will never see anything so exceptional! And…. THE SWIZZLE!!! It’s the island’s signature drink, and we had a bundle of them while there. It’s a must-try!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Palm Springs... Vaca for a King!

Balcony view

The King loved Palm Springs… he said it reminded him of Hawaii. There’s not much you can disagree with Elvis about, and this is one of them. I have made it pretty clear that Cali is by far my favorite state. I daydream that one day Tres and I can move (or retire) there. We are lucky enough to get to make at least one or more trips to this awesome state a year, whether it is for work or for fun. A beautiful run This was my third trip to Palm Springs, and I never appreciated it more. Napa and San Fran are probably my two favorite places in Cali – I’ve always said that – but after this trip, I think I may be leaning more towards The King’s point of view. There is no place like Palm Springs. Well, maybe Hawaii because in my opinion, Elvis hit the nail on the head when he said Palm Springs reminded him of Hawaii. It’s true…. The scenery is very similar. The only difference is the desert and the little downtown area that makes Palm Springs a place of its own. Awesome hotel

I always know I’m in love with a place when I have a difficult time walking out of the hotel room. This time, Tres almost had to pull me out. There’s are very few places you can look out your window and see Palm Trees AND mountains side by side. There are also very few places where every time you turn on the Weather Channel, the forecast never changes from a row of seven suns Sunday-Saturday. I personally wonder why they bother having meteorologists there.

In-N-Out... DUH! If you're ever in Cali, you go here. No questions asked :)

Resturant: Matchbox... cool atmosphere, ok food

Restaurant: Okura... AWESOME patio, good sushi, perfecto Lychee Martini!

If you have never been to Palm Springs… GO! It’s totally worth your while. San Diego is an hour and a half away… rent a car one day and venture out to there. Or better yet – do what Tres and I did two years ago and drive 45 minutes to Temecula Valley. The scenery is awesome the entire 45 minutes, and when you get there, you can do everything from wine tasting to a hot air balloon ride, which is what we did! Here are some pictures from our adventures in Palm Springs. Pictures from 2009 and 2010