Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Palm Springs... Vaca for a King!

Balcony view

The King loved Palm Springs… he said it reminded him of Hawaii. There’s not much you can disagree with Elvis about, and this is one of them. I have made it pretty clear that Cali is by far my favorite state. I daydream that one day Tres and I can move (or retire) there. We are lucky enough to get to make at least one or more trips to this awesome state a year, whether it is for work or for fun. A beautiful run This was my third trip to Palm Springs, and I never appreciated it more. Napa and San Fran are probably my two favorite places in Cali – I’ve always said that – but after this trip, I think I may be leaning more towards The King’s point of view. There is no place like Palm Springs. Well, maybe Hawaii because in my opinion, Elvis hit the nail on the head when he said Palm Springs reminded him of Hawaii. It’s true…. The scenery is very similar. The only difference is the desert and the little downtown area that makes Palm Springs a place of its own. Awesome hotel

I always know I’m in love with a place when I have a difficult time walking out of the hotel room. This time, Tres almost had to pull me out. There’s are very few places you can look out your window and see Palm Trees AND mountains side by side. There are also very few places where every time you turn on the Weather Channel, the forecast never changes from a row of seven suns Sunday-Saturday. I personally wonder why they bother having meteorologists there.

In-N-Out... DUH! If you're ever in Cali, you go here. No questions asked :)

Resturant: Matchbox... cool atmosphere, ok food

Restaurant: Okura... AWESOME patio, good sushi, perfecto Lychee Martini!

If you have never been to Palm Springs… GO! It’s totally worth your while. San Diego is an hour and a half away… rent a car one day and venture out to there. Or better yet – do what Tres and I did two years ago and drive 45 minutes to Temecula Valley. The scenery is awesome the entire 45 minutes, and when you get there, you can do everything from wine tasting to a hot air balloon ride, which is what we did! Here are some pictures from our adventures in Palm Springs. Pictures from 2009 and 2010


  1. I love this! Keep traveling so I can live through you, please! :)

  2. You had a great time! Amazing pics!

  3. I have to agree I love California but for some reason J doesn't share the same enthusiasm as I do (maybe it's because he's never been there :0). I'd love to live out there for 2-4 years while I'm young but haven't decided about retiring so far from family. I've never made it to Palm Springs but your pictures look simply amazing! Maybe that is where I will plan our next trip to. I must say In-N-Out has been missing for far too long in my life (I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since my last trip out there) so I'm in need of some of it's yumminess! Last time I was there McDonald's all over California were also testing out this new burger to compete but from what I heard it got a major thumbs down, nothing can compare to In-N-Out, no matter how much I love The Varsity (showing my homestate roots) In-N-Out still wins! Always love reading your posts!

  4. I love seeing blog posts about trips to Palm Springs, we love living here and the weather and views never get old! Where did you guys stay?

  5. Oh I love CA! It's the best! And girl, you know I love me some Elvis! I've always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon!

  6. Hot air baloon soo such fun, just love the images. From Engagement Rings