Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Atlantis With Great Friends

Tres and I had a blast in the Bahamas at Atlantis with our great friends!!!! It was Mike’s 40th birthday celebration, and we blew it out of the water! If you ever get a chance to go to Atlantis, it is a must!!! To me, it was like a huge playground for grownups! The water park rides are great and could be done for two days easily! The place is HUGE! The aquarium is awesome and could take up at least half a day, the beaches are beautiful, and there are pools galore! A weekend was definitely not enough time there, but we made the best of it! I told Tres when we left I could not believe we had just left the Bahamas after only being there two and a half days! Especially Atlantis!!! There really is so much to do there!

And of course, I can’t leave a post with no comment about the food. Here’s the rundown:

Nobu sushi… ummm………. NO!!!!!!! This place is supposed to be famous, notable, and THE most recognized sushi restaurant in the world. NEVER NEVER EAT THERE!!!!! Maybe it’s better in bigger cities. Who knows…? We don’t and we never will because we will NEVER go back there! Aside from the hip, swanky atmosphere, the service was awful and the sushi was the most mediocre sushi I have ever put in my mouth! Never again, people!

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill …. Ok let me just say, this was a shoe-in. We have been to a Bobby Flay restaurant before in Atlantic City, and it was the best pieces of food I have ever had an encounter with. Mesa Grill was no exception. Great service, spectacular food (I think I tried one of almost everything on the menu and every bit of it had unforgettable flavor), amazing atmosphere, with great friends!!!! It was a perfect night because of Bobby Flay. Thanks, Bob! Note: if you ever eat at a Bobby Flay restaurant, you just may compare everything else you ever eat to it! It really does rank on up there as one of the best restaurants I have ever been to :)

Carmine’s…. This family-style Italian joint is a chain restaurant with only a few locations throughout the country. The place is so much fun and always has good food. I honestly love the family-style idea because I know I get to try a little bit of at least 5 or so dishes. The first time I went to one of these I think we way over ordered when we go about 10 dishes, so it’s safe to say, I’ve had a lot of the menu, and almost every dish is straight up great Italian! The bread basket and Ceaser salad are to-die-for, and if you go, order the Penne a La Vodka.

As always, Tres and I had so much fun kicking it together with some of our very best friends! We love traveling with this group, and this trip will be remembered for a long time! WE LOVE ATLANTIS!!!

P.S. The famous slide you see on TV is nothing to giggle about. They make that slide look like something out of a playground… it’s actually one of the most terrifying things I have ever done in life! Don’t let the commercial fool you! I was shaking uncontrollably when I got off it and almost had to have the 10 year old behind me give me a little push. I would definitely do it again with a lot of courage built up (and cocktails)! The other slides are amazing too. On some of them, you feel like you're on a rollar coaster! And our favorite part of the entire place? The "not so lazy" River! They call it "lazy," and after going on it, I think they need a new name! The waves are Tidal Waves! So awesome!!!


  1. Oh how I have always wanted to go there!!! I am glad you had a great time!!

  2. Goodness, these pictures are so fun! LOVE Atlantis. Such an outstanding place!

  3. How fun! Love all your pictures! Bahamas is on my place to visit list. ;)

  4. I hear that place is AMAZING!!! I'm so jealous of your trip! Glad you had a great time!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! Looks like you had a fabulous trip, as always. :) Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Brent and I just ate at Nobu New York when we were there last week. It was hands down the BEST restaurant we've ever eaten! The service was incredible (our server recommended the most appetizing dishes, which we are still talking about today), the atmosphere was amazing, and the sushi was the best we've ever eaten. I hate to hear that you had a bad experience. If you ever go to New York, please try it again...I doubt you'll be disappointed!