Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dallas Down, a Weekend at Home, and Atlantis!

Thanks, iPhone for this fabulous photo....

I adore the city of Dallas. I think it’s a fabulous place with great areas, good food, and lots of fun! Tres and I were there for work together this weekend and got a little taste of it. I truly don’t think we’ve ever had enough time there though. It’s always work, work, work. I would love to come back to this city to just go eat, go out, and go party! One sweet day when there’s a weekend to spare, maybe we will consider it.

Ok, so this weekend, I worked sponsorship for Varsity. This was much different than what I usually do when out of town on the weekends – sitting at a computer, writing, updating, etc. for While it was lots of fun, it could have possibly been the most exhausting weekend I’ve had yet! We actually did labor… I mean actual box moving, lifting, running around a huge arena, etc. I worked for Invisalign Teen on Saturday and Sunday playing games with cheerleaders, doing crafts with them, standing on my feet for 9+ hours… whew! I was beat when it was all over, but it was lots of fun! At the Invisalign booth, the cheerleaders could play “Grin it to Win it” (like Minute to Win It – the gameshow), they could get their free pictures taken, or they could make a “Grinspiration” – an artsy little card with their inspiration written on it. My “Grinspiration” is below… even though it looks like a 5 year old did it, I meant well, and it’s the thought that counts, right? I love my husband and he really is my “Grinspiration!”

On our way home Monday we got stuck in the airport for a good 13 hours. I swear we got to DFW airport at 11 am and did not get to Memphis until after midnight. It was a wild several hours, but thank goodness for the Delta Sky Club!!! Wow… do I love that little room with peace and quiet, snacks, and free wine and beer when stuck in an airport! And the best part… Andre from Outcast came in and sat right beside us, pulled out his guitar, and started playing a little tune. HA!!! How cool is that? Tres talked to him for awhile. I just daydreamed of jumping in his face, shaking my rump, and singing “HEYYYYYY YAAAAAA…. Don’t want to meet your daddy…. Just want you in my caddy!” Ha! I’m convinced if I would have just let my guard down I could have been in the next video. Geez… I hate myself for playing it safe all the time! :) (Sorry, no picture of him... I prefer to not be a celebrity creeper. Sorry. hehe! )

Yes, we ate every bite of this "piece" of carrot cake after a fabulous meal we had in Big D! Getting ready for Atlantis? Unfortuntaley, I think not!

Now that the boring story about our trip to Dallas (and work) is over, I would like to share some FABULOUS, wonderful, spectacular, magnificent information:


Ahhhhh, I am so excited I could celebrate (and I WILL celebrate)! We are both exhausted, we have tons of personal business to take care of that we have missed out on the last 8+ weekends, and not to mention, it’s time to start re-decorating!!! Whoop, whoop! Well, at least START redecorating. We go out of town again next weekend, and the next, and the next… so we better fully enjoy this Saturday and Sunday at home (and get a heck of a lot done) because it’s the only one we have for awhile.

Not this weekend but the next will be a fun one though. We will be in THE BAHAMAS!!!! ATLANTIS BABY!!!! We are so excited! The trip has snuck up on us though, so I need to find time to swimsuit shop and dress hunt! Ahhh, so much to do!

*** I am aware this post was nothing but a ramble of what has been going on in my life for the past week, but I did promise to be a better blogger, and all I have time for right now is “Diary Style” writing! Haha!


  1. Atlantis! Y'all will have a blast I'm sure, it's so beautiful there! And good lord, that cake looks amazing! Enjoy your weekend at home!

  2. Atlantis is so much fun! We went last summer to the Bahamas when we went on a cruise. :)
    Have a blast!



  3. OMG, one weekend in 2010 at home! Yall are crazy! Glad you're having a blast though! There's no better time to do it!

  4. Oh I love the Bahamas!!! It's perfect weather right now too!!! Do y'all travel that much all for work?!?! That is crazy!!! I hope you two thoroughly get to enjoy the weekend together! <3

  5. So jealous of your trip! Enjoy and bring some sunshine back for us. I love Elisa too, great song choice for your blog!

  6. Gosh!!! You guys travel non stop!!!! Have a great time in the bahamas!!