Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wedding Day: Rehearsal at a Wonderful Venue

When we got out of our limos at Southern Oaks, the show was ready to begin. I really hate to call our wedding a show – we had no intention on it being, but that’s just the way Southern Oaks does things. The crew was all ready with their headsets and walkie talkies, and it was time to get down to business. We had one hour before the seats started filling in, and we still had to rehearse and take all family pictures. That seems impossible, right? Not at Southern Oaks.
All those hour plus wedding rehearsals I have been through in all my days of being a bridesmaid – Southern Oaks made it seem so pointless. They had a coordinator for the family, a coordinator for the groomsmen, and a coordinator for the bridesmaids. They each broke off into their three groups, went over the ceremony, did a quick walk through, and in 15 minutes, the wedding party was rehearsed and ready! Best rehearsal for a wedding I’ve ever seen!

Did I mention we had a huge staff taking care of our every need from the time our feet hit the front doorstep of the plantation?! There must have been 20 or more staff members taking care of us all night, and the best part was our personal attendants. Tres had his very own attendant who took care of him all night. I had my very own attendant who took care of me all night. And each of our parents had their very own attendant who did the same. Our champagne was always full, as they walked around refilling it if it got more than three sips below the rim. If we wanted a different drink, they brought it to us. If we wanted a certain food, they ran and got it for us. And even when Tres and I had no idea how to cut the cake during our cake cutting, they were there to show us how. We were treated like complete royalty! I have never experienced anything like it (and probably never will again)!

My sweet fam (brother, mom, pop)
Mine and Tres' entire families
Beautiful ladies of my family (aunt, cousin, me, mom, and grandma)
"The Shoes"... Ahhh!

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  1. wow thats awesome!!! love the pics you've been posting too!