Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wedding Day: Bride’s Preparation

Like so many days before, I woke up in the comfy, perfectly gorgeous Hilton bed wired and ready to go. Only today was different. It wasn’t run errands day, it wasn’t meet and greet the family day, it wasn’t bridesmaids brunch day, and it wasn’t rehearsal dinner day. It was WEDDING DAY!

We had so many beautiful days leading up to this day (like 50 days with no rain to be quite frank), so opening the curtains was probably one of the most tense times of the day. Silly, it may sound, but I completely planned the wedding around the best time of year for weather in NOLA. Not to mention the billion prayers I prayed for over a year. I told God so many times that all I wished for was no rain; I didn’t care if it was cloudy, ugly, windy, etc. just no rain… PLEASE NO RAIN! Well, the Lord went above and beyond on this day. Opening the curtains was blinding! The most beautiful blinding sight of sunlight I have ever seen. Not one cloud showed off on this day… they were nowhere to be seen. And there on the 20-something floor of The Hilton Riverside stood a joyous bride!

I cleaned up around the suite, getting it ready for the bridesmaids, family, friends, makeup artist, and hairstylist to come. All the while, I told myself to stay calm, be happy, and have the best day of my life! Around 11:00 am, the crew started pouring in. From that moment on, it was manes, makeup, and mimosas! It was imperative that we all start getting ready extra-early so we could be prepared to take pictures and take the 20 minute limo ride to Southern Oaks. The limo would be there to pick us all up at 3:00 pm, and 11:00 am and on, time started ticking!

I could not believe how quickly 3:00 pm came! And another thing I couldn’t believe… how drop-dead gorgeous me and all my girls looked! WOW, WOW, WOW! I have to say, I looked at my bridesmaids and couldn’t help but be proud of how beautiful all my friends are… they looked like they were getting ready to go pose for Martha Stewart’s Fall Wedding issue! And my hair and makeup… wowzers! My makeup and hair artists from Get Polished were beyond words… a perfect pick!!!! And if you don’t believe me, believe this: I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A TRAIL RUN!!!!! Can you believe it?! I put my makeup and hair in these stylists hands the day of only, and they did a better job than any makeup and hair I’ve ever had done! They come highly recommended from this bride!

Yes, this is my baby dress and not just any dress but the one I was brought home from the hospital in!
Baby dress and Bride Dress!
Bridesmaid attire
Bridesmaid Bouquet
The crew getting ready
Mommy approves!
Dress, shoes, and garter... almost ready!


  1. Wow, that last picture is STUNNING! Love it! You truly get me so so excited for my wedding day, and getting married.

    I loved hearing about your excitement as you woke up, and I too have been praying for no rain. I also planned our wedding around the driest time of the year so here's to hoping! :)

    I love the pictures! Your photographer did a wonderful job!!

  2. How gorgeous! I love the last picture! and your hair was amazing!

    I've already started praying for a gorgeous day- and now that we've decided to do the cocktail hour outside- I'm praying for the weather even more!!

  3. I'm melting over here! These pictures are PERFECT! I can't wait to hear more about your perfect day!

  4. LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!! Cant wait to read/see more!!! <333

  5. Such an exciting moment!!! You looked great!!!

  6. Your pictures look simply amazing! So stunning I am so glad you had such a wonderful day because you went through so much planning I only hope my wedding can come off so perfectly! I better get to planning!

  7. you are absolutely stunning! gorgeous pictures!

  8. You were a STUNNING bride, Andrea!! So sad I missed it, but I am absolutely loving all these pictures. Gorgeous!!