Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wedding Day: Groom’s Preparation

My gift to Tres... timeless and classic. Perfect for the big day and days to come


I have to say… calm would have NEVER been the word my friends or family would have used if I asked them to describe me on wedding day. I hate to admit it, but crazy, snappy, bossy, etc. would have been more like it. Sad enough, me under stress and pressure can be not-so-very pretty at times. To everyone’s surprise (including mine) I was the complete opposite. It was like someone had secretly slipped me a valium (as a matter of fact, I am still trying to figure which one of my crazy bridesmaids did… haha). My maid of honor Ginger actually said after the wedding, “What was WRONG with you on your wedding day? You were so…. Calm…?” All I could say was, “Everything went so perfect there was no reason to get upset or stressed. It was truly the perfect day.”

Writing his sweet vows
Tres on the other hand… his groomsmen should have maybe slipped a calm pill in his sandwich at lunch or something. Crazy and snappy he was not (he doesn’t have it in him to be those things), but stressed and nervous he was. As I was getting ready in the suite, we had closed the door off to the bedroom of the suite so Tres could get ready in there (yes, we literally had a door between us as we got ready for the wedding). Every 30 minutes or so, his mom, a bridesmaid or my family would go in there to see him, and they kept coming back telling me how nervous and stressed he was. It never crossed my mind that he would ever get that way, but now that I think about it, Tres has a one-track-mind, and if he over thinks anything he will worry and stress himself sick, so I guess it makes sense that he felt that way on the biggest day of his life. Every time someone came back in and told me how stressed he was, I wished terribly I could be in the room with him to calm him, but I knew I would be seeing him soon!
We exchanged wedding gifts while getting ready. I had my family take his gift to him, and he had his mom bring me mine. Prior to the wedding, he had already bought me the blue Christian Louboutin heels I would wear on wedding day, so I didn’t expect another gift from him, but of course, he couldn’t resist. He passed me the absolute sweetest card I have ever read in my life, describing our love as “epic.” The last line read “today is the first day of the rest of our lives.” I melted. In the card, the gift was included with a note. It was a print out of our favorite engagement picture, and he wrote that he had gotten a canvas made of the picture. We had talked about it before, but the fact that he remembered was a gift all in itself! For Tres’ gift, I also got him a “something blue.” I gave him Tiffany and Co. cufflinks to wear the day of the wedding and included a note, “you gave me my something blue, now here’s yours.”


  1. I love this... the cufflinks were a great gift!

  2. I'm the same way you are with getting snappy, bossy, etc. when life gets busy or when something big is going on.

    I love the pictures of your groom getting ready! And are those cotton bouts?!?! Love!

  3. Your hubby is so sweet!!!! Oh how I love LOVE. <333

  4. I can imagine Tres getting nervous! How sweet! Wish we could have been there to share your special day! :-( Sadness!

    I love the first picture of you and the one with your rings on your shoe! :-) Very cool!

  5. Oh and I love the pic of him standing with just his profile. So stoic! ;-)