Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Week: Trip to the Bayou

*** Note: Today is our ONE MONTH Anniversary as a married couple... wow! Time flies! So in honor of one month, I am FINALLY posting "Wedding Week" posts! Sorry for the delay... Enjoy :)

WEDNESDAY, October 13

We started our last day of work with a packed down car. Hint… when you get married out of town, be prepared to drive! For you brides who fly to your wedding destination with no problem, I praise you! I have no idea how we could have gotten married somewhere not close enough to drive! It was quite funny though, we took lots of pictures of ourselves leaving the house as a “single couple” and of our packed car (pictures below...haha), and headed to work for the day. We left work normal time: 5:00. It only takes about five and a half hours to drive to NOLA from Memphis, so we were in good shape, getting in just in time to get some much needed z’s. Much needed because we had both been up every night that week finishing up last minutes wedding details, packing, and preparing for Wedding Weekend! (P.S. The sun was shing down heavily on Memphis when we left… I hoped the same for New Orleans).

About to walk out the door and head to New Orleans... next time home, we'll be married!

In the car ready to go!

My sweet driver
Back seat... PACKED!
Trunk... PACKED!


  1. It's so fun to follow the steps of your big day!

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  2. Aww I love this! So sweet! The car is packed, last picture as a single couple.. off to get married! :)