Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Week: Bridesmaid Brunch

SUN, SUN, SUN…. LUCK, LUCK, LUCK!!!! Just call me and Tres leprechauns!!! We had more luck and joy than two people could ever experience in the amount of four days, and Saturday got even better! That morning, we both woke up with little 8am headaches from the 3am evening the night before, but it was nothing a Starbucks Pumpkin Latte and a few mimosas couldn’t cure! I was off with my family to the Bridesmaids Brunch, which my exceptional Mom, my wonderful Nenne, and my magnificent Aunt Gina threw for me and my bridesmaids. We also invited all the close women on Tres’ side of the family, so it was just a big girl-fest!

The best women in the world... Aunt Gina, Cousin Melissa, Mom, and Nenne I have to say, the place we had the brunch was further away from the hotel than expected, and we were all starting to get a little antsy in the taxi ride there, but pulling up made it all the better. 1) ALL my girls (the college friends) were standing outside to greet us! I promise, nothing can put words on what these girls mean to me. We never get to see each other, and every time we do, it’s exciting and emotional enough to nearly bring tears to all our eyes! And 2) we walked into the place, which I had blindly booked, and it was PERFECT in every way! Perfect meaning we had the entire upstairs with lavish décor throughout, perfect place settings with personalized menus, and a private door that lead outside to enjoy the beautiful day – it was a southern gal’s dream brunch. I could see women in the 1920’s having tea in this room… it was so beautiful! Not to mention, I booked the place completely blind. There were no pictures on the website, and I only talked to the event planner a few times on email and maybe once on the phone. I have to say, I was scared going into it, but the planner could not have done a better job!! As a matter of fact, if you ever go to New Orleans or you need to plan a private party there, call Rachael at Café Atchafalaya… she will set you up! I have to add this to the “all the things that went perfect this weekend” list because the brunch was a hit! Wonderful food, mimosas galore, and more fun than a group of girls could ever have! We reminisced about old times, talked about new times, planned the wedding day schedule, and laughed until we couldn’t breathe! I also gave my nine bridesmaids their final presents - gold vintage necklaces to wear with their gold BCBG Maxazria shoes I gave them before the wedding. I knew then, they would be the hottest pack of bridesmaids anyone had ever seen, and they WERE!

All my bridesmaids in front of "The Skillet"! I love my gals! After the brunch, I went with my mom, my Nenne, my aunt, my cousin, and Tres’ mom and sister to get our nails done. We pretty much took over the nail salon located in the mall connected to our hotel – it was loads of fun, but about halfway in, I hit a wall. Maybe it was the mimosas, maybe it was lack of sleep, maybe it was visiting with 100 people in less than a full day, or maybe it was because I was already 30 minutes late to my hair and makeup appointment for the rehearsal dinner – whatever it was… I had a feeling I would not be able to carry on normally through the rest of the night. It was unreal how it all just hit me at once like that. All I could think was… ‘I still have a rehearsal dinner and wedding to go. I’ve got to dig for some energy because I am not ruining all this by being tired.’ So after nails, I picked up a coke and got moving again: running to my hair appointment (luckily the salon was in the hotel). I rushed the stylist through and ran (literally) to my makeup appointment. It was at Sacks in the mall across the street, and I was dashing through the busy traffic all while trying to keep my hair fixed. The makeup artist almost didn’t take me because I was so late, but I talked her into it, and she rushed me through. Needless to say, Tres and I were late to our own rehearsal dinner (umm…. Duh! It wouldn’t be me and Tres if we weren’t late!) TO BE CONTINUED IN REHEARSAL DINNER POST……………..

Mimiosas galore!

One of the yummy brunch dishes! I had Bread Pudding French Toast and wish I'd taken a pic!

Mom-in-Law and me

My sweet cousin after reading the letter I wrote her. She couldn't stop crying :)

Two of my very favorite friends!
Two more of my very favorite friends!

Lori and me clowning! Love her dearly!


  1. you're wedding was absolutely beautiful and i hope you don't mind, i've saved some pictures for when i get married! it's the perfect wedding!! you looked stunning!

  2. Love all the pictures! You girls all look great, and everything sounded so fun! Glad you enjoyed your day before the wedding with the people who mean the most to you! :)

  3. Pretty ladies, and the food looks yummy!

  4. Love your recaps and your dress in these pics :)

  5. Sooo cute! Love your dress!