Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Week: Second Day in the Bayou

Friday, October 15

Yep, another run was on our schedule. We woke up and ran down the beautiful NOLA Riverwalk down the long, powerful Mississippi. Nothing new for us though – we run down the Mississippi River all the time. It’s just two blocks from our house in Downtown Memphis, but to see the same river knowing we had just driven 400 miles… that’s an impressive body of water! We knew all friends and family would be coming in on this day, so we had to get moving fast to make sure we could equally spend time with everyone. We headed out to West New Orleans first thing to pick up all the guys’ tuxes, do a final tanning bed session, and stock up on champagne, wine, and snacks for our suite!

That afternoon was a dream! We worried ourselves sick before we left thinking: Who are we going to spend time with on what day? When are we going to have time? How are we going to split time evenly between 150 people? Are we going to have to split up… Tres go visit you family and Andrea go visit yours? But, I should have known… everything would work out, just like the entire weekend did! Our suite ended up being a hit, and I’m so glad we got it! Once we got back from running around, there was no need for us to go anywhere… in just a few minutes, we had at least 20 people in our suite – Tres friends, my family, some of Tres’ family – it was great! Soon after that, we found the time to visit with Tres’ dad’s side of the family, and then immediately after that, my family ran into Tres’ grandmother who they had been longing to meet… it was like one big, happy, accidental reunion! Everyone was so excited to be there and finally meet each other!

That night, we even had the time to go out with a big group of Tres’ friends and their wives (my newest girl friends! They have been my friends for years now, but I still refer to them as “my new girlfriends”… hehe!) Only a few of my friends had made it in town this day, but I’ll be darned if we did not accidentally run into them at La Feittes Blacksmith Shop! I was just hanging out and all of a sudden there was Erin (one of my bridesmaids), her husband Brandon, Tina, Zack, Corbett, and Justine. Corbett had traveled all the way from Oregon, so it was good to get to visit with her a day early. Running into them was just the craziest thing ever, and when I say this is EXACTLY how the entire weekend worked out, I mean this is EXACTLY HOW THE ENTIRE WEEKEND WORKED OUT! Everything was like a dream… unplanned, yet so easy! It was like there was this constant good luck cloud over mine and Tres’ head every single day leading up to the wedding. I can’t even out it into words… all I can do is describe the unbelievably terrific events that kept unexpectedly happening to us. And believe me, it only gets better. After all, this was only FRIDAY! We still had two more days before the wedding! (P.S. ANOTHER beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky! It was like the closer we got to wedding day, the more the sun shined… we were so lucky all weekend!)

*** Here are some pictures from our crazy night on Bourbon! I wish I had more from throughout the day. I think my grandma took some family ones of all of us hanging out that afternoon, so I will have to hunt them down from her and add them :)

The Real Housewives of Memphis, Knoxville, and Atlanta!

Tasha, Holly, Me - Acme Oyster House It got pretty wild, and the video camera came out... I can't wait to see what we got on here. Yikes!
Nice shirt Mike! We thought his shirt and my purse were too funny!
Hurricane time on Bourbon!
The crew we ran into... my high school gals! Love them!


  1. I'm loving these fun posts! Happy one month! :)

  2. So sweet and wonderful pretty lady! Glad your days leading up to your wonderful wedding went great! Love reading your blog!

    P.S. You looked gorgeous!