Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To See or Not To See… That is the Question

Ohhhhh… the stories I have coming about my and Tres’ marvelous bachelorette and bachelor party! I am holding off this week though because A) I am waiting on all pictures from friends to be emailed to me, so I can use the best ones in my blog post and B)……. I am getting LASIK eye surgery tomorrow (all in the name of seeing my groom when I walk down the aisle), so I feel it’s necessary to write about that first.

So… one of two things will happen here. Either you all will get to read about and see amazing pictures from the bachelorette/bachelor party in next week’s post OR this will be my very last post due to permanent blindness! Eeeekkkk!!!!

Do you like seeing me in these glasses? Because tomorrow, you'll never see me wear them again.
Let me look at your sweet face… this may be the last day I ever see it.
When I go blind, please don’t trick me and put blue cheese on my burgers because I will throw up on you. (Tres is baffled that I like goat cheese but hate blue cheese and feta cheese… he think they taste the same and threatens to force me to like them…. Ummmm, they do NOT taste the same. GROSS.)
– These are just a few of the comments Tres heard this morning when we rode to work together, and I can almost promise the blindness comments are not over. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen my parents in ages, and my mom just got a new fabulous car, so I have already made plans to go see them and the new car this afternoon because… “I may never get another chance!” – Yep, that’s what I said!

Ok, so moral of the story is… PRAY FOR ME! While I know several people who have had it done with no problem, and I have watched Jessica Simpson get it done on the youtube version of “Newlyweds” 100 times, I am still terrified. I mean… everyone says it’s nothing, but what if I am the exception? What if I am the one who goes blind from it?! Doesn’t everyone think this when they get it done though? :)

As a gal who has had PLENTY of surgeries for my young age of 26 and actually can admit that I ENJOY surgery and rarely ever get nervous, I am scared of this one. I mean, I’ve had it all done: tonsils out, boob job, wisdom teeth, bunion removal from feet… none of these made me anxious. As a matter of fact, I think I may have even agreed to have them done because I thoroughly enjoy anesthesia, but we are talking EYEBALLS here people… vision, sight, seeing, not taking the sunsets and beautiful gardens for granted anymore; not to mention, no anesthesia is involved in this one (bummer)!

Either way, I am scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 to have it done, and there’s no turning back! I would say there IS turning back, but having put torturous eye drops in my eyes and going without makeup for the past 4 days, there is definitely no turning back for me! I AM DOING IT!!!! See you all next week (maybe!)……


  1. You are so brave compared to me I am terrified to even have my wisdom teeth taking out even though it is much needed I do not want to feel the pain how do you do it? You will have no problem with the surgery I am sure you will be able to see again sooner than you think! Can't wait to hear all about the parties as well!

  2. Can't wait to see all the pictures, I bet you guys had an awesome time! Lasik is a breeze and when it's all said and done you'll think, why was I so freaking out. Ha! Trust me, I was right there with ya! ;)

  3. Oh that can definately be a scary thing, but know you have prayers coming your way to guide the surgeons hands!

    Bachelorette party...want to re-live mine all over again-he he!