Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Venture to Miami and Chicago

If you are in Miami or Chicago this weekend – WATCH OUT!!! The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will be out and about this weekend, and neither will be handing out red roses! As of Thursday, there will be a smokin’ hot bachelor runnin’ loose in Miami and a fabulous bachelorette hoopin’ it up in Chicago! Who am I talking about?! Me and Tres of course! This weekend is the party of all parties before we tie the knot:
The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Party!!!

Our friends have been planning this little retreat for us for several months now, so the excitement has been built up until I can’t stand it anymore! I can’t believe the time has finally come! And it came at the most perfect time… because this gal needs a break! And I know the future hubby does too, and what better way to get one than a weekend out with our best girls and boys!
Here’s a random itinerary for each party:

Who: The Gals
City: Chicago, IL
Hotel: Marriott Magnificent Mile
Goal: To be tourists, drink a lot of wine and champagne, eat as many amazing meals as possible, pretend we live in the 80’s, and be even more fabulous than we already are!Haha – that is only the gist of what we have planned for this trip… I can’t wait to see what else comes of it!

Marriott Mag Mile - Chicago!
Here’s the breakdown: On the days we are there, the cameras will be out and the flat sandals will be on our feet as we take on Chi-Town as tourists! We plan on doing everything from Sears Tower to Navy Pier, drinking much wine and champagne in between! On Saturday, we have brunch reservations at this fabulous wine tasting restaurant called Bin 36. They have flights of wine galore and what looks to me like a really scrumptious menu. Matron of Honor, Ginger, picked this place out. My girls aren’t dense… they know, hand me a glass of red, white, or sparkly, and a smile will come across my face!
As far as night time… get ready to hear about night #1! On Friday night, we are having official MADONNA NIGHT! Yes, you heard me right… Madonna Night! There is an 80’s concert going on at Navy Pier, where a band called Sixteen Candles is playing, and SEVEN different Madonna videos are showing up – that would be me and my six friends! We are each dressing as a different Madonna video. I will be Vogue, complete with the cones, and my girls will be everything from Material Girl to Papa Don’t Preach and everything in between! We will be listening to Madonna songs as we get ready in the hotel suite and then we will be rockin’ to the 80’s at Navy Pier– this should be a huge riot!!! Night #2, Saturday, will be our glam night. We will be going to dinner at the infamous, fancy Joe’s Stone Crab, and then we will head to a top hotspot: Enclave for bottle service, dancing, and pure fun!

Our Suite!!!

One of the best parts about this trip will be where we are staying! We will not only be at the awesome Marriott Magnificent Mile, but thanks to my wonderful friend, Lori, working her magic, we will be in one of the best suites in the hotel: The Governor’s Suite! I have only seen the 360 degree images of this room, but I do believe we are going to be more than pleased!

Who: The Guys
City: Miami, FL
Hotel: Loews Miami Beach Hotel
Goal: Golf, pool, beach, awesome clubs, and just be guys? Heck, I don’t know what all they are going to do! :)

Loew's - Miami As far as I know, Tres and the boys have everything planned from a game of golf one morning to drinks by the pool and on the beach during the day. And at night, I’m sure they will do nice dinners and go club hopping. Whatever they do, it will be loads of fun because Tres will have his very best friends there. I think there are around 10 of them going, so it should be a really fun crew! Tres’ friends like to really go all out and “do it up,” so I can only imagine the fun they will have in that great city!

So… to wrap up my blog post for the week, I have to bring this up. I get updates sent to my email and one of the most recent ones was titled something along the lines of “His Bachelor Party.” I, of course, opened it because it was so timely for what was going on in our wedding planning process. In the post, this gal had written something on the message boards along the line of “worrying” about her fiancé’s bachelor party. Some of the responses to her question were good ones, but others made me cringe – women wonder why some men don’t want to get married, or when they do, they despise their wives nagging them.

HAHAHA!!!! Sooooo funny! Here are my thoughts: NO it’s not ok to question him having a bachelor party, NO it’s not ok to ask a million questions and nag him about it, and NO it’s not ok to worry yourself sick over it. 1) If you are worried, you probably shouldn’t be getting married to him in the first place 2) No one likes a nag… its grounds for divorce so stop now while you’re ahead. And 3) Guys like to have fun too… especially with their guy friends, and if you’re not going to let him have it now, what are you going to do when you get married?! Ok… I am done with my judgment for the day. :) Maybe I deal with the easier because Tres city hops for work/with his friends all the time, as do I at times, and we have never had to question it. I mean, if I had a problem with this, as much as Tres travels, I would be in big trouble. Maybe it’s because that’s how it’s been since we started dating, but maybe too it’s because we respect each other and want each other to have a good time – with OR without each other. Lesson of the Day: Let your boyfriend/fiancé/husband do what he pleases, and have a smile on your face when he tells you he is doing so! I promise, you will get one back from him when you want to do the same thing! Moral of the story: HAPPY BACHELOR AND BACHELORETTE PARTY TO TRES AND ANDREA!!!!! And here’s to more fun than imaginable in two of the greatest cities in the country: MIAMI AND CHICAGO!!!!!


  1. dude, those are my two FAV cities! yall will all have a freakin blast! im jealous of the madonna theme! cant wait to see pics!

  2. I absolutely loved Chicago and it is a fun town for such an awesome party!

  3. all are livin' it up! i'm jealous of both of you! hope both trips are wonderful and relaxing and fun! please post pics of you and your gals as madge....i need to see the cones! lol! xoxo

  4. whoa, have fun! you guys do it up right!

  5. How fun! I can't wait to hear all about your parties. Your Chicago one sounds like a COMPLETE blast!