Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bad Blogger

There’s no other title for this blog but what you see above. Things have been crazy lately… between wedding planning, family in town, and Tres and I traveling, I’ve hardly had time to stop in and drop a line. Ok, so where did I leave off? Engagement pictures! The latest update on that is WE GOT THEM ALL BACK, and I am beyond excited about all of them. We could not be more pleased, and choosing which ones to print is going to be the most difficult part! The good thing about Armosa is they are giving us a disc with all of them on there – how fabulous is that!? So we can print any ones we want any time we want! Yay!

If you liked the sneak peak from a few weeks ago and want to see ALL of them, visit the link below. I plan on blogging about my favorite ones in the next several weeks, but until then, here they all are:

Since then, we have also been on a wedding planning roll. We have been knocking our wedding to-do list out Tyson style! Two weekends ago, we made a final trip to New Orleans – the last time to visit the city until the big week, and it couldn’t have went better. Here’s what we have gotten done:

- Florist – I have not met with the florist in person yet and probably won’t ever. But I am not a bit worried because her work is exquisite! Each of my girls will be carrying a single magnolia tied at the bottom with a long gold ribbon. My bouquet will be two dozen Sweetheart Roses –
fully opened, some ivory and some very light pink, with Gardenias scattered. Gardenias look like small magnolias to me, so it should work perfectly with my girl’s bouquets. Each parent and grandparent will wear a sweetheart rose corsage/boutonniere. And like I have mentioned before, the groom and groomsmen will wear cotton blossoms. Ah, aren’t we just as southern as they come? Below are examples of what I want my bouquet to look like… just think of a mixture of these two:

- Cake – The cake baker is booked! We took care of this on our trip to New Orleans. After two tastings and a sugar headache mixed in with nausea (if you like cake, you will be fed well at a cake tasting), we went with what we ultimately thought we would go with in the first place: Gambinos. Tres calls this cake place the “Cake Boss” of New Orleans. Anyone and everyone we knew from New Orleans did not skip a beat when we asked them where to get our cake. Gambinos is a local favorite! Clearly, the cake will taste amazing, but what will it look like? We are doing three tiers, separated from each other, with an ivory color on the cake, and a large sugar faint-pink Magnolia on each layer. The look will be a mixture of these cakes:

- Rehearsal Dinner Site – We officially booked this while in New Orleans! For months, we searched near and far for a cool, casual, New Orleans style place for the rehearsal dinner, and I’m telling you, being from out of town booking a destination wedding is very difficult! All I have to say is thank goodness for the internet and email. Finally, we narrowed our website and email choices down to two, and after tours of both, made the final decision! Our Rehearsal Dinner will be at Oceana! It is located right on the corner of Bourbon Street , and our private dining room will have balcony access, never ending cocktails, and the best part… FABULOUS food! Seriously, if you ever go to New Orleans, I suggest you dine here. The food is New Orleans style, and it melts in your mouth. We did a tasting here, and we were SOLD! The dining room is also beautiful with a custom built wooden bar and wine rack on the far wall, Cajun décor, and like I said before – balcony access – just what we wanted! Since the wedding is so formal, our goal for the rehearsal dinner was casual, fun, and CAJUN! I think we nailed it here!
Here's the place!
- Rings – This was fun and easy… well for the most part it was. Tres’ was easy… he picked a beautiful white gold design out that we both loved. It was fun seeing him put on that eternal love symbol :)! As for me, my bands had to be custom made because of the shape of my ring. So, I have officially been without my engagement ring for two weeks now. I sure do miss it, but the fact that I am getting to check “rings” off my to-do list makes it all worth it!

Miss it :(

- Dress fitting – Did it! I got pulled, squeezed, and pinned a few weeks ago, and am due for my first fitting this weekend. I will be out of town again for work though, so looks like there will be a delay on it. I have to say, I am seriously excited to see my dress because not only did they alter and hem it, but they made a little change to the top of it! I won’t say what because I’d hate to give anything away, but I am crossing my fingers that it looks fabulous!

- Makeup and Hair – I finally got the courage to send in a deposit and mark this off my list. This has been an on-going process for way longer than necessary. I just have a real problem trusting people with my hair and makeup… it makes me nervous! So finally after in depth-research, reviews, and getting my bridesmaids opinions 100 times over, I have chosen Get Polished for mine and my bridesmaid’s hair and makeup!

- LASIK - Is.....Scheduled! But after hearing I have large pupils, I am TERRIFIED, so this could change at any moment. Apparently, my pupils aren't large enough to be rejected from getting the surgery, but I have the potential to acquire starburts and halos after the surgery, which means at night, streetlights, road signs, and anything with light can possibly put off a huge, glaring light that makes it difficult to see. This apparently only last a short time, but if I'm really unlucky, it could last forever. I think they were just giving me the precautions, but it scared the living daylights out of me! Please, friends, if you or anyone you know has had LASIK done.... Talk me into it. I am scheduled to get it done in exactly 2 weeks and need to make a final decision! I watched the Nick and Jessica Newlyweds Episode today where she gets Lasik... OMG - that show used to kill me! Sometimes I think I may just go ahead and buy the DVD collection, I loved it so much! If you have never seen this episode, watch below. I promise... it's so worth the laughs!

Well, I think that covers it all! A final trip to New Orleans down and many phone calls and emails to the other vendors, and I think we have it all under control. I have learned that planning a wedding is similar to running a business, only we are not making any money from this…. We are in fact losing money. Haha!


  1. your day sounds like it is going to be fantastic!! i don't know anything about lasik, but i wish you all the very best with it. ask them what the odds are and how many/if it's happened before. i bet it's low and, as you said, a standard precaution they have to give.

    congrats again!!

  2. Sound like you are on the ball with all of your plans! way to go!! Can't wait to see it when it's all said and done! Love your ring btw - gorgeous!!

  3. Wow, you two are on a roll!! I had my dress fitting and picked out our wedding bands a few weeks ago as well. I love seeing it all come together:)

    PS- Your flowers sound gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow...your ring is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Sounds like your wedding will be too:)
    There are actually 2 Hemlines stores in New on Magazine Street (and I think it's an sister store and may not have the same name) and one in the French Quarter--not sure what street-I just happened to spy it while walking around drinking my hurricane:)

  5. What beautiful pictures, congratulations!
    I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday, so glad to have found your blog. Have a wonderful day!


  6. Awww I'm sooo excited for you!!! Thanks for your sweet comment:-) You are going to have such an amazing time at your wedding! We're coming up on our 2 year anniversary, and being married is the best thing that's happened to me. Soak up and enjoy it all!

  7. Can't wait to hear more about the plans! We're new followers from Welcome Wednesday!

    Lucy's Human

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    Have a nice day!

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  10. Love your engagement pic! You are on a roll with your wedding plans! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! :)

  11. How exciting! It sounds like you've been getting tons of things crossed off your list! I love that engagement picture!

  12. That's a gorgeous engagement picture and I love your ring!

    Second, I am definitely having cotton bolls as part of my wedding flowers, whenever I get married. My family was in the cotton business, so it has a sentimental value to me. I can't wait to see pictures of yours.

    And, I love The Newlyweds DVDs. I have all seasons, but it's kind of sad watching them and wishing they were still together.

  13. ok so your ring is to die for, your cakes are going to be gorgeous, your flowers....they can't get any better than you've described them! can i please come to this wedding as a fly on the wall? while i'm sure this planning part can be stressful, it sounds like you are truly enjoying it and obviously you have a wonderful partner in crime with tres....i'm so happy for y'all! i hope i get to see every picture because i'm just waiting with bated breath! this will be the wedding of the year for sure! xoxo

  14. Hey there,

    Found you on 20SB, adorable blog!

    I LOVE the flowers! They're gorgeous! Looks like your planning is going well :)


  15. Gambinos is AWESOME! I mean just incredible and so glad you are going with them. Not that I get to eat the cake or anything but I know you did us southern Louisianan's proud by picking them. Everything sounds absolutely wonderful girl! You must be getting SOOOO excited! XOXO Jessica