Monday, November 9, 2009

The Never-Ending China Debacle

The two china patterns we picked out! Now we just have to narrow it down (and make sure this is exactly what we want)! I'm pretty sure Tres is going to refuse to look at anymore china though! :)

This past weekend, Tres and I gave registry shopping a go. Without actually registering for anything, we walked around several potential registry shops to get an idea of what we would be registering for and what “style” of dinnerware we wanted to go with. Ok, let me rephrase that… I drove Tres crazy all day Saturday trying to decide if we should register for casual dinnerware or china.

After walking around the china section for about an hour, leaving the store, and going home… four hours later I was still talking about what we should get, six hours later I was goggling the differences between casual dinnerware and china, and eight hours later, I was asking everyone’s advice on Facebook. I think Tres was ready to get rid of me! I gave him the whole spill of “We can’t think present tense… we have to think future tense! We will be eating on this the rest of our lives, we may want to pass this down to our children, etc.” Needless to say, Tres HATES china now. I don’t even think he ever wants to look at it again, and on top of it all, he must think that he has an obsessive compulsive fiancĂ© now! Haha!

After all that, and even though most people told us not to do it because they never use theirs, we decided to go with china.
1) Tres made a good point that we already have very nice casual dinnerware. Almost a year ago, for no reason at all, I bought BEAUTIFUL
Tracy Porter casual dinnerware that we have never even used (really because I am terrified to put food on anything that gorgeous… not sure how I am going to deal with people eating on the china… haha).
2) Tres picked out the two most beautiful Vera Wang china patterns that I couldn’t help but love. At first, he acted like he didn't have an opinion, but I told him that I wanted him to be just as involved in the dinnerware decision making as I was, so after dragging him around the china section, he told me those two patterns were his favorite. Luckily, I agreed!
One thing I learned from our registry hunting experience: we are very lucky because we already have A LOT of the basic stuff that most people don't have when they go to register. Tres is 31 years old and has been on his own for a LONG time now :), and there is a lot of stuff I have bought since I have been on my own, so there will be tons of everyday items we don't even have to register for, so it only makes sense for us to go ahead and get the china!
P.S. Thanks to all my Facebook friends that responded to my post about the china!!! I need all the advice I can get from the already married! :)

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