Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashionista Bridesmaids: Not Your Typical Bridesmaids!

(ABOVE: The dress paired with fabulous gold, vintage neckalces. The actual color of the dress will not be the color you see on the dress shown - it will be the color you see in the background - Rosequartz. And can I just say, I debated 100 times on whether it was appropriate or not to post the dress, but it's just the bridesmaids - I think it's fine if people get a little sneak peak. Plus, it won't even make sense until it's all paired together in person!)

After about 5 shopping trips, 4 different stores, 100 different websites, and 1,000 dresses tried on… believe it or not – A BRIDESMAID DRESS HAS BEEN SELECTED!!! It’s gorgeous… well at least for a bridesmaid dress it is. Am I in love with it? I don’t know… because I hate bridesmaid dresses. Is it the best possible bridesmaid dress I could find? YES, no doubt it is! And believe me… I KNOW it is (and Ginger knows too) because every possible dress out there, we tried on!

At the beginning of this dress debacle, I was set on choosing a short dress for my girls and one that could NOT be purchased out of any magazine or store that has the word BRIDE or BRIDESMAID in it - I just simply wanted a dress that didn’t look a thing like a bridesmaids dress because I despise them, I really do. It could be the nearly 10 weddings I have been in, but if you haven’t already figured it out my opinion of bridesmaid dresses is nothing on the positive side. But my dreams were soon crushed when I discovered that if you are going to order a fabulous dress from Saks, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, BCBG, etc. – you better not be picky about the color because a great dress usually only comes in one or two colors, and pink is NOT usually one of them. I soon came to the sad conclusion that if I wanted a fabulous Rose Pink color, I was going to have to go the bridesmaids dress route.

After our first shopping trip and discussing the formality of our wedding, I not only decided to go down the “bridesmaid” road, but I decided to go down the “long” road. Our venue is very formal, our wedding is at night, and the guys started talking about wanting to wear tuxes – at this point, I had no choice… long dresses it would be! So after several shopping trips and thinking none of the dresses were “fabulous” enough, Ginger and I narrowed it down to two we liked. A few weeks later, we brought my mom to be the deciding factor. Ginger tried both dresses on, and we all decided we hated both of them. Really? Yes, really! So she was forced to try on about 10 more, and we narrowed it down once again and MADE A DECISION! Here’s why I like the dress:

It’s a Watters – Out of all bridesmaids dress designs I have despised, I have despised these least.

THE PINK COLOR! – Let me just say that finding a “pretty pink” is nearly impossible, and this dress comes in one of the most beautiful pinks I have ever seen (see in background of picture above)! ROSEQUARTZ is the official color my girls’ dresses will be.

It’s Fit for a "Lady" - It’s elegant, classy, perfect for a night wedding, and will look good on all body types.

I think of it as a Party Dress – In my opinion, this dress looks like something I would wear to a formal party and not feel like I was in a bridesmaid dress. I really, really think this dress is the furthest away I am going to get from looking like a bridesmaid dress and still go “long.” I told my girls this, and told them if they thought otherwise, they had better keep it to themselves, or I’d torture Ginger again and take her back shopping. This is no joke and they know it, so they have all nicely told me the dress “looks like a formal dress – not a bridesmaid dress.” Are they telling me the truth? Probably not, but I’m sure they are just looking out for Ginger.

On a final note, I intend on making these dresses even less bridesmaidsy. The ROSE-COLORED DRESSES will be paired with fabulous GOLD SHOES and a GOLD VINTAGE NECKLACES (see in picture above). I want all the necklaces to be different so they aren’t looking like a line of clones up there, but the shoes will all match. I think this will play up the “pink and gold” theme a lot and throw a bit of vintage flare into the mix. And need I say one more time: make these dresses look LESS like a bridesmaid dress!

* I want to give a little shout out to my wedding stylist, Sarah. Thank you for all your help! Check her blog out here: Southern Belle Fashionista!


  1. I really like it! I think it will be perfect. And p.s. I think it's fine to show a sneak peek of everything but your dress. And the bridesmaids gifts (if they read your blog). :)

  2. I LOVE THE DRESS and the necklaces, and I think only you would spice up the "bridesmaid" dress! Can't wait to see the final product!

  3. I love, love, love the dresses and the vintage necklaces! The more your wedding comes together, the more I want to plan an all new one for myself and my Mr. LOL You have impeccable style and tastes. I can't wait to see the pictures from your wedding, unless you want to invite me to experience it first hand. LOL j/king!

  4. That is a great dress and ensemble! great find!