Friday, May 28, 2010

And the Winner is… BERMUDA!!!

Charlotte: “There’s Trey and I playing golf. Did you notice we’re both wearing Bermuda shorts?”

Carrie: “Bermuda shorts in BERMUDA?! You kids were crazy down there!!!”

If you are not a huge Sex and the City fan, you will have no idea that this sweet little dialogue comes from Season 3 – Episode 43, Escape from New York. But if you are, you will remember the scene in the diner when Charlotte is gushing to the girls about her Bermudan honeymoon with her new husband, Trey.

As for me and MY TRES (clearly spelled differently), we will, too, be going to Bermuda on our honeymoon, but I plan on doing a lot more than playing golf, and I also plan to come home and stay married for more than Charlotte and her Trey! Haha… once again, you must know the show to know what I am talking about!

So after a very PINK wedding, my Tres and I will head to a very PINK beach – one of the many reasons Bermuda was the island of our choice! Our other reasons include:

- The Idea – Our #1 no-no was being tourists on our honeymoon… running around with a map and list of places to see (we have years to come to do that, plus we’d rather join our friends for those type trips). We did know we wanted to relax, preferably in a beach atmosphere (put our feet up, play in the sand, drink a few cocktails, go to the spa, etc.).
- Location – We will already be out of town for our destination wedding, so we knew it wouldn’t be possible to go too far from home, so the Caribbean was a shoe-in. Not to mention, the flight to Bermuda is easy as 1,2,3!
- Time crunch – We will already be taking off work so much to get down to New Orleans and get things squared away before the big day, so we couldn’t go on a super long honeymoon. And dare we spend half of our honeymoon on an airplane!
- The Fabulous Resort – I have said before, Tres likes a nice hotel, and he has certainly rubbed off on me. I never thought I cared so much until I started x-ing off islands because of their hotel selection. The resort we found to stay in, Cambridge Beaches, is known to be the most romantic resort on the island!
- The Restaurant and Food Reviews – Food is always a top priority for us. We love a nice dinner with good food and heard that Bermuda has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean! We will not be going hungry on this trip!
- LOTS TO DO - Bermuda is an old island. It's been around forever and been entertaining tourists for ages. We will have so much to do there, 6 days will not be enough!

As many of you know, we had narrowed our choices down to St. Barts and Turks and Caicos. Well, it became clear to us that no matter how badly we wanted to go to either of these places, it just wasn’t meant to be. We wrestled with Turks and Caicos until I couldn’t take it anymore. We found the most perfect resort I have ever seen in my life, Amanyara, and the place was closed down for renovations the entire week of our honeymoon. This was probably the biggest letdown for me while planning the honeymoon, but I knew we had to move on. We looked at several other resorts and none compared – it was like comparing Leonardo’s Mona Lisa to an eighth grader’s attempt at an art show, in my opinion. I have to say though, after that, we found a few we liked perfectly fine, but I kept being hesitant and neither me nor Tres would make a move in booking anything in Turks, so we moved along to St. Barts. We discovered the flights to this place were approximately 8 hours with stops. The whole point of going to the Caribbean was a short flight. In this case, we could have gone to the French Rivera or even have been halfway to Tahiti. Can I get a no thank you?! So we went back to Turks. We found a hotel we liked, went to book it, and guess what?! Those flights were impossible too! We just couldn’t catch a break!

The next step? Searching for flight time approximations to every island in the Caribbean! Luckily, Bermuda had been one of our top picks all along, so when we discovered the flights each way were 6 HOURS, we were slapping high fives and jumping up and down. After much difficulty, we had found our honeymoon destination! So all we need now are a few pairs of Bermuda shorts (Charlotte and Trey style, of course), and I need to brush up on my golfing skills. Watch out Bermuda – HERE WE COME!!!


  1. Bermuda shorts in Bermuda - HEHEEEEE!!!! I loved that episode, such a great quote. I am SOOOOOO excited you chose Bermuda, if only for the pink sand, you will LOVE IT honey!! Now comes the fun part of picking out itty bitty honeymoon bikinis and honeymoon outfits!! :) Happy weekend Andrea, sending you a big hug! xoxo

  2. LOVE the SATC reference! Please take a ton of pictures and maybe a video or two! Turn the phones off and enjoy your honeymoon! XOXO

  3. Oh, how exciting! Congratulations! I am delighted for you, I got married last year, you will LOVE it! So glad you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, I'm your newest follower! XO!

  4. Bermuda sounds like a great honeymoon spot! I'm planning my wedding right now too! :) But my fiance, Joe, is planning the honeymoon and surprising me with where we are going on our wedding night! eee! I can't wait to find out! :)


  5. Aww, thanks for your sweet comment, Andrea! Getting to decorate the house is one of the most fun parts of getting married! XO!

  6. Love that sex and the city quote! You're going to have a blast there! Sounds so nice!