Thursday, January 7, 2010

To be counseled or to not be counseled… That is the question

Wonder if these two got premarital?... YIKES! Don't want to follow in those footsteps!

The Knot To-Do list told me this month that me and Tres need to have an officiant booked and start considering premarital counseling. While we are pretty sure we have an officiant (Tres’ best man, JG’s, dad), the premarital counseling thing has become a question. We are aware that not all couples do this… as a matter of fact, most of my friends who are married did not do this, so we are both up-in-the-air about it. Me, personally, I tend to like the psychological side of things, so I think it sounds like lots of fun! Tres could care less either way.

I know most people do premarital counseling with their minister, but ours is located in Knoxville, so if we decide to do this, we are going to go to a premarital counseling specialist in Memphis. I actually contacted some places today to get an idea of what they do and their rates. I also found this really cool premarital counseling questionnaire online that I want Tres and I to take… just for fun! All of the counseling stuff sounds like fun to me... I just love it! Any thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions?


  1. Bryant & I didn't do it....but I don't think it's something that would hurt!! I tend to think it's a good thing for couples to do! :-)

  2. check and see if there's a discount in new orleans on the marriage lisence for counseling. there is in TN so that's why we did it!! it took off like $50 or so.

  3. Well obviously I am not one to give any marriage advice, but I am studying in the counseling field and can only offer your positive advice on it. If anything, it tends to reaffirm the points that the two of you agree on, and probably do not actively realize that you do. Also it might bring up some topics with helpful points that will only strengthen the marriage.--- Sooo I guess if on a soapbox, I would say I am pro premarital counseling?? ha ha

  4. We did it and I found it beneficial. And we later found out we got a reduced rate on our marriage license fees for completing PMC. Fab.

  5. We did a 13 week course and it was in a group setting with 3 other couples and a married mentor couple. We had a great time and learned so much!