Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Save the Date and Invitation Preview...

Oh my GOSH!!! Tres and I are sending out the CUTEST Save the Dates ever!!! I am so excited about them I could scream!!!

Save the Date.... HANDKERCHIEFS?!?!? Yep, that's what all of our guests will be getting in the mail in the next few months. I have included a few examples of them, but ours will look much different than these. They will of course match our color scheme (gold and pink) and go with our theme (southern-vintage). I CANNOT wait to get them done and sent out so I can blog about them!!!

Also, we are getting custom-made invitations done, and the sample should be sent to me this week. I honestly believe we have one of the best graphic designers out there doing it too! I know this because I work with her on a daily basis, and I swear anything she ever sends to me for the website is almost jaw-dropping because it's like way better than I ever imagined it to be in my mind. After seeing her work, I don't even know if I could fathom the thought of anyone else doing them! I am 100% confident she will send me like the best invitation I have ever seen that matches perfectly with our theme... soooo exciting!


  1. OMG Andrea!! Those have got to be the coolest most chic save the date invites I have ever seen!!!! I just love all of the fun little details you are putting into your big day!!!

  2. I completely "bear claws" Candin's response & have decided that when I get married (in 10 years) I am going to hire you as my wedding go-to gal! Love everything! The hankies, the doll cut outs, the wine, shoes...everything!!!!! Perfect!! Oh, you need to come to Oxford to play soon!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding planning - I think I just may have to become a wedding planner full-time someday, so hire me anytime... haha! And Oxford is always so much fun... I will make plans soon to come hang out with you guys!!! We will get Amy C there too!

  4. WOW!!! These are great Andrea! Can't wait to see what else you have in store - and I can't wait to meet you guys!

  5. I LOVE these save the dates!! Would you mind letting me know where you ordered these??? my sister is getting married next April and these would be PERFECT!!!