Friday, October 9, 2009

Never say Never...

OK, so I am really starting to freak myself out with this wedding! The more I plan, the more I change my mind about things. For starters, I am not a fan of pink… nope, not at all. I don’t despise it, but I have never really loved it either. I am a “neutral” kinda girl… blacks, whites, ivories, and earthy colors. Don’t get me wrong… when I dress, I am known to throw in a big splash of color on more than one occasion, but for a wedding… I like simple and elegant. That way, when you look back on your wedding photos in 20 years, you aren’t wondering why in the world you chose hot pink or neon purple as your wedding colors. Now, if those are your favorite colors, I say GO FOR IT, but they are not mine!

(ABOVE: Pic 1 - The bouquet that gave me inspiration. Pic 2 - How beautiful the colors pink and gold are together)

WEIRD THING #1…. I am actually considering pink. Well not just considering, but I am quite certain of it. No, my wedding will not look like Pepto-Bismol vomited on it, but I would like to go with an antique dusty-rose or blush pink with the complementary colors being gold, beige, and ivory. It’s strange why I decided I like this color combo so much, but I ran across a beautiful bouquet on the Martha Stewart Weddings website, and when I saw it, I thought… THOSE have to be the colors of our wedding. The combination is very subtle, neutral, and “warm” for the Fall season. What’s makes me choosing this color even more awesome is, until I decided to choose pink and get my dress from Brides against Breast Cancer, I didn’t even put two and two together and realize it’s fitting for me to choose pink because it’s the Breast Cancer color! AND the wedding is in October, and that is Breast Cancer Awareness month! How COOL! Oh yes, and also awesome… my sorority colors were pink and white, so I will be representing Phi Mu ALL THE WAY! One more thing: surprisingly, Tres is totally ok with pink!!! :)

(BELOW: Gowns I traditionally like and think I would look best in)

WEIRD THING #2 – I have said 100 times since I got engaged and even BEFORE I got engaged that I would never, ever have a full bottom ball gown “poofy” dress… never. I have never really thought it was “me.” Weird thing is…. The more I look at them, the more I like a certain type of them. I have actually even saved some in my “Favorite Dresses” file. To think I may actually consider trying some of these types of dresses on when I go dress shopping is shocking, but to think I could actually choose one of them is even more shocking! We will just have to see when that time comes though. I still LOVE Sheath dresses – very tight fitting, simple, and elegant. That seems more my style, but who knows? The thing about a huge ball gown…? You can only ONCE IN YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE ever wear a dress like that… so you may as well. What do you think…? Full and poofy? Or straight and tight?

(BELOW: The types of gowns I have been drawn to lately... for some reason)

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