Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am a Bride against Breast Cancer

Things have been crazy around here! So crazy in fact, that I haven’t really even thought about wedding stuff for about two weeks now. But, it’s time to start thinking again… today marks a year and ten days until the big day! We definitely have plenty of time to plan, but I want to soak this up as much as possible because one day we will look back and know we will never have this time back!

The latest news: I have been working on my formal Bridesmaids cards the past few weeks. I wanted to formally ask my girls to be bridesmaids. I love DIY projects, so I decided to once again get “crafty” and make the cards myself! They are absolutely adorable, and I should have all NINE of them out in the mail or to each girl no later than next week. Hobby Lobby has currently thrown up in Tres’ living room, so needless to say, he’s over the Bridesmaids cards and ready for me to get them in the mail already!

More wedding news… My checklist is telling me I need to start thinking about a dress, so I have decided where I want to get my dress! If you have never heard of “Brides against Breast Cancer,” look it up! It’s an organization raising and donating money to Breast Cancer research through brides. They go on tour each year traveling all over the country carrying thousands of dresses with them, and they have huge conventions where they sell dresses that are donated from runway shows, modeling shoots, designers, etc. If you buy a dress here, the money goes directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation. I LOVE philanthropy projects, and this concept is just fabulous. I would love nothing more than the money for my wedding gown to go to a cause as good as this! Unfortunately, the organization only travels to select cities, so me, my mommy, and my Nenne will be making a trip to Atlanta in January for this event, and hopefully, I will come home with a great dress!

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