Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Engagement Anniversary!

I honestly can’t believe it… exactly a month ago today, Tres got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! We were visiting beautiful San Francisco and had just returned from Napa Valley where we toured and tasted several wineries… it was truly the best place he could have asked me to marry him! Not to mention, the best time in our lives!

For so long, I never saw myself as the marrying type. I never thought I would find a man worth marrying, honestly. I just never made getting married a priority in my life. I never saw marriage as a goal in life or some sort of place on a timeline… I saw it as something that may happen to me one day, but maybe not. After meeting Tres and talking to him about it, he said always felt the same way. He, too, never imagined himself the marrying type, yet two years later, we both decided we were definitely the “marrying type” – we just hadn’t found the right person yet, and that’s when our beautiful engagement happened!

We took our time throughout our relationship – making sure there were no hidden issues or problems that would one day sneak up on us in life! There’s no doubt that two people that get along and respect each other the way that we do are meant to be together – no snags or rips in this relationship… at least not yet. I know we will run into the occasional thread coming out or button falling off, but I refuse to ever let what we have now get ripped to shreds. I am confident that this relationship is a timeless piece of Chanel clothing that will forever be intact!
In a mere SIX WEEKS, Tres will be standing at the altar waiting to take my hand, and I will be more than excited to give it to him – forever! We are both so blessed, and I know God will bless us in marriage for life! If you haven’t read our engagement story – here it is… my VERY FIRST POST EVER!


  1. Happy Engagement Anniversary!! It's so fun to look back and think where you were at that point in your life before you found "the one." Life is so good and is full of wonderful surprises and blessings!!!!

  2. Aw, great post!!! I love that ring!! You both look so happy!

  3. sweet post!! you only had 3 months to make those invitations and everything??

  4. Very sweet proposal story! :) My fiance and I just celebrated our engage-aversary! :)