Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ready, Set, ZAP!

We finally did it… let the gift getting begin- Haha! Last weekend, Tres and I finally got a chance to register, and what a fun experience it was – even for Tres who was NOT looking forward to it. I learned in registry shopping that the experience for the gals is a mind-boggling, indecisive, “is this the perfect set of towels?” decision making process. For the guys, it’s all about the ZAPPING! You know, the typical man vs. woman: simple and easy vs. complex and annoying. Yes, I have to say, the first step to realizing it is actually kind of annoying is recognizing it, but we just can’t help it can we?! After all, those towels will decorate our bathroom, those wine glasses will be seen by all our guests, and that china will one day be used by our grandchildren – it all has to be PERFECT! For Tres it was, “you like it… lets zap it… just let me zap it!” My response was always, “Tres we haven’t seen it out of the box yet, we have to take it out of the box and make sure it’s exactly what we want” or “Do these pots and pans make you WANT to cook because I want ones that make me DESIRE cooking!”

I knew I would be a stickler about every little item we registered for, so I wanted to us to choose stores we liked best. Target is my favorite go-to store and Macy’s is my preferred department store in Memphis by far; Tres agreed, so we decided on those two for our registry! I wanted to get all of our essentials at Target and all of our formals and classics at Macy’s. Needless to say, that day was one of the most tiring ones I’ve had in awhile. Do you remember being a kid and going to a fair, museum, or sight-seeing on vacation and at the end of the day, feeling like you couldn’t stand one more second on your feet or with your eyes open? After 6+ hours of registry shopping, that was how we felt. The amusement of the zapping dwindled for Tres and my desire for perfection became nonexistent; not to mention, we practically got kicked out because the store was closing, so while registering was a blast, it was also exhausting. If you haven’t done it before, I am giving you your first warning!

With all of that said about our registry experience, I want to leave you with my top 5 favorite items we registered for:

1) Our Flatware – I pick this as #1 because it’s Tres favorite item AND mine! We are both in love with our Dansk “Bistro Café” stainless flatware. It has the simple, modern flare that we both love.

2) Our China – Tres actually picked this China out months ago when we went for a “test registry” (Read more about this on my post, The Never-Ending China Debacle). I asked him to pick a few he liked, and we both ended up loving the Vera Wang “Blanc Sur Blanc” – it too is very modern but classic at the same time, and it’s also a perfect fit with our flatware.

3) HOTEL COLLECTION EVERYTHING – I am obsessed with the Hotel Collection line. We registered for their towels, sheets, and bedding. It’s all so beautiful and soft – the most comfortable thing you will ever dry off with or lay your body on!

4) Giada products – Ok, we have no idea how to pronounce this beauty’s name, but we decided in Target that we wanted all of her essentials. As Tres said, “I don’t like Martha Stewart and I don’t want her stuff,” and as I said, “Omg, Giada is so cute – we have to get all her stuff!” So it worked out in both our favors… although we did throw a few Marthas on there. How can you not?

5) Calphalon Cookset and Bakeware – I have always heard Calphalon is the best of the best, so we went this route with the nonstick cookware and bakeware.

The most exciting thing about registering at this point was actually getting the chance to knock something off of our never-ending wedding to do list. Only SIX MORE MONTHS to go!!!!!


  1. Look at you two! SO CUTE! I wish I had remembered to take pictures when we were selecting registry items, such fun times. Isn't it wild the pressure we put on ourselves? I love what you've selected, timeless and elegant. You will enjoy your Giada items, I have all of her cookbooks and she's got great style. Did you know her husband is a designer for Anthropologie? That's where she gets most of her cute clothes she wears on the Food Network. Lucky girl, right? :)

    Happy weekend to you Andrea! XOXO

  2. Your china is very similar to ours!

    I loved registering, and we're actually going to BB&B tonight to finish up a few more things. Congrats on making progress!

  3. I wish I could go register and do a few things over! Glad it was a fun experience for ya'll!

  4. OMG!! I picked out the SAME CHINA!! And we have the SAME cookware! Great minds think alike!! :-)

  5. We chose Vera Wang china also! Here are a couple posts I've done on my wedding planning.. I need to do more!!

    Excited to follow you :)