Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's to The Blog Fairy!

LOOK EVERYONE! I have a new header and awesome navigation links!!! All thanks to The Blog Fairy! I found out about her services through one of my blog buddies and am so glad I went ahead with it. She is very talented and did a great job on my blog (have I ever mentioned my ENVY for talented graphic artists...?)

Since I had already started this blog and many friends and family were already keeping up with our wedding plans this way, I didn't want to do a regular wedding site, so Tres and I agreed we would use the blog as our wedding website. I had no idea how to make my blog all spiffy and fun, so as I mentioned earlier, I turned to the Blog Fairy! Now, all of our guests can come here for all of our wedding information! YAY!

I plan to fill in the About Us, Our Wedding, and Travelers links soon, so keep checking back this weekend! I should have it taken care of soon! In the meantime, I will leave you with current wedding fun:
  • Save the Dates go out Monday!!! Have I mentioned how fabulous they are? Beautiful, vintage handkerchiefs! As soon as they are out, I will post pics.
  • I bought my bridesmaids gifts yesterday. I am out of town, so I figured I may as well go to one of my favorite stores to get them (that we of course don't have in Memphis... I've clearly planned all along to purchase these gifts on one of my out of town trips for that very reason). I think some of them know what the gifts are, so boo on it not being a surprise, but oh well! When they see it, they won't care! CLUE: The gifts are fabulous and made by one of my favorite designers!
  • Honeymoon plans are being avoided for some reason (could it be that we are both out of town… AGAIN this weekend?) Anyway, I have decided we need to get on the ball with this, so I am thinking of setting a deadline for the next couple of weeks. The good news: we have decided on the destination: TURKS AND CAICOS HERE WE COME… in October :)
  • Hotel block has been reserved! Tres got us hooked up with a great deal at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. Our guests are going to LOVE this hotel! Tres has stayed here a few times for business trips, and while I have only seen pictures, I think it’s the perfect hotel in the perfect location!
  • I took Ginger Bridesmaid dress shopping again and…. (long pause here)…. I am almost 100% certain the dress has been found. I am going to take my Mommy and Tres to the store to see the two choices before I make my final decision!

    This is the latest wedding news… More to come soon!


  1. Love the header and your blog. Thanks for visiting me over at Kitchen Belleicious. Of course, they are spicy- we love our cajun food and I am not sure if i even know how to make something without a little "spice" to it!

  2. congrats on your wedding! I did my sister's blog for her wedding a year ago and now they are using it themselves for their pregnancy journey! :) so fun!

  3. The new header is fabulous and so fun to match the rest! Loved all the updates -- keep working on that never ending list :)

  4. She did a GREAT job on your header! Wow!