Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hesitant about the Honeymoon

At this point in my life, the thought of getting on a plane and going somewhere NOT for work sounds beyond fabulous! Tres and I have both been traveling every single weekend for work. Neither of us has had a weekend in Memphis since the new year started! I honestly have not unpacked my suitcase (except to wash the dirty clothes out of it) in A MONTH! And this will continue for us both until sometime in April! I believe we have two weekends off from travel in the next two months… whew! I think that’s why this blog needs to be written… because I need to imagine myself somewhere that doesn’t involve my job! :)

With that said, you can imagine how much wedding planning has been done... ZILCH would be a good word! We’ve had Save the Dates sitting at the house ready to send for a month now (to die for cute by the way). When are we going to send them? Who knows?! We don’t even have time to think about it! When we get time back, our next move will be deciding on the honeymoon. This has been a conversation we’ve been having for several months now but can’t decide on where to go! So far, the only thing we have made a certain decision on is not going anywhere with a long flight. Since we are already having a destination wedding, we decided we don’t want a long flight that will exhaust us even more than we will already be. We also don’t want to be “tourists” on our honeymoon. So… all signs have pointed to the Caribbean. The big question now is WHERE in the Caribbean?!
We think we have it narrowed down to St. Barts or Turks and Caicos. We like different, trendy places and after much research on every single island in the Caribbean, these two seem to be right up our ally! We just can’t decide on which one!!! We have been back and forth about this 100 times, so we need HELP! We have GOT to get this thing booked! Has anyone been to either of these places or know anyone who has? Where would you go… Turks or St. Barts?!


  1. Both places are amazing! I'm sure no matter where you choose it will be a great time!

  2. we went to Turks and Caicos for our honeymoon about a month ago. Highly recommend it. We had the best time and the beaches were to die for. They said its one of the best beaches in the world and they really were amazing. The flight was really short for us bc we are from florida. The people there are sooo nice and friendly.

  3. Your blog is beautiful - I love the background! I am new to blogging too, what I did to set up was to find a few blogs I really liked and looked into designers. I used and she did everything for me, including installing it. She was great to work with too. Good luck, congrats on your engagement! And I don't think you have a "wrong" answer, deciding between Turks and St. Barts..I bet they both are amazing!

  4. I vote Turks!!!!Your blog is beautiful and i am your newest follower. hope to keep in touch and love to have you join me over at my place! XOXO

  5. Hey Girl! Love your blog-now a follower :) Thank you again for visiting me, becoming a follower, and for the sweet words of encouragement. They brought tears to my eyes. I am feeling better about things already! You wedding sounds like a divine blast!! Can't wait to see pictures! As for your post, never been to either though I hear Turks is nice. I really want to go to St. Lucia-many of our friends have honeymooned there are absolutely loved it. I'm sure wherever you go it will be a blast :)!!! Have a blessed day! xoxo